Mark Juliano

Professional Life

Mark Juliano has over 30 years of business, marketing, executive and entrepreneurship experience in a variety of industries including telecommunications, Internet, medical, software, (and now fashion) industries. He served in a variety of capacities including CEO, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Senior Vice President, Vice President, Product Manager and Regional Sales Manager.

He was an Adjunct Professor for 12 years at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and San Francisco State University (SFSU) teaching classes in high-tech marketing, entrepreneurship, business planning and creativity in business. He holds an MBA from Stanford University and a BSE from Princeton University.

A brief career resume is below:

(2015 – present) Vice President of Business Planning and Marketing of Brava Fashions, designs and sells performance attire and casual wear (San Francisco)
(1999 – present) President, CEO and Founder of The Juliano Foundation
(2010 – present) President, CEO and Founder of The Nutra Foundation
(1999 – present) President of Renaissance Consulting, a high-tech strategy and marketing consulting firm
(2007 – 2009) CEO and Founder of Vinomis Laboratories, a supplier of medical supplements (Sewickley, PA)
(2005 – 2006) President and CEO of Haley Systems, the technology leader in artificial intelligence software (Pittsburgh, PA)
(1997 – 1999) CEO of MediaSite, a Pittsburgh Internet video start-up (sold to Sonic Foundry)
(1996 – 1997) Vice President of Marketing and Vice Chairman with AVIDIA, a Connecticut company (sold to PairGain)
(1992 – 1996) VP of Marketing with FORE Systems, the worldwide leader in high-speed ATM networking products in Pittsburgh, PA (completed a successful IPO).
(1986 – 1991) Mark has also held management positions in technology companies based in Silicon Valley and Washington D.C. including N.E.T., T.T.C., and ROLM/IBM.

Personal Life

Mark Juliano was born in 1959 in New York City, where he lived for 8 years until moving to Jericho Long Island. He attended Jericho High School graduating in 1977. He attended college at Princeton University and graduated with a BS Engineering in 1981. After working in NYC for 3 years at Data Resources Inc. (DRI) and Chase Investors, he attended Stanford Business School (GSB) graduating in 1986.

He lived in Palo Alto California and was married to Lisa Lisanti while in Palo Alto. In the early 1990’s they moved to Pittsburgh (Sewickley), PA (Lisa’s home town) and had 4 children. They were divorced in 2007 after being married for over 20 years.

Mark remarried to a beautiful, intelligent woman in Sonoma, California. (Her name is not mentioned as she’s a private woman). While they are since divorced, they remain the best of friends and care for each other to this day.

Right now, Mark is in Erie, PA to be closer to his children, though plans to relocate back to California sometime in 2016.

Hobbies and Outside Interests

I’ve always wanted to be a “Renaissance Man” and even took several classes in Renaissance Art and History which at Princeton. I have traveled to 41 countries, and 44 U.S. States as of 2015, and love exploring new places, geographies, landscapes and cultures. My favorite country is Italy (as you might guess from my name) and I speak conversational Italian.

I have been involved in the arts for many years, and taken classes and created individual art works in painting, sculpture, drawing, memoir writing and poetry. These days I’m mostly into writing since it’s the most “portable” of the arts. I’ve started a few novels — and we’ll see if and when I decide to publish them.

In the athletic arena, I’ve played all kinds of sports as a kid and went to Athletic summer camps every year. My primary sport became track and cross-country as a middle and long-distance runner. I continued to run track in College, but unfortunately had an injury that ended my running career. These day I like to sail, cross-country ski, downhill ski, and go hiking and camping. Oh, and I like golf and bowling – if that’s a sport 🙂

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