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Haley Names Mark Juliano as Chief Executive Officer – Technology Leader Poised for Entering Growth Phase of Business Rules

    PITTSBURGH, July 27 /PRNewswire/ -- The Haley Enterprise, Inc., the
 technology leader in rules-based business process management, today announced
 that Mark Juliano has been named its new Chief Executive Officer and member of
 the Board of Directors. Mr. Juliano will assume overall responsibility for
 Haley's business with a strong emphasis on driving significant domestic and
 international sales expansion. Mr. Juliano will work alongside Haley's
 founder, Paul Haley, who will continue with the firm as Chief Technology
 Officer, Executive Vice President and a member of the Board of Directors.

The Afterlife of FORE Systems

Once upon a time (in 1994), four guys from Carnegie Mellon University started a little technology company called FORE Systems. The little company soon grew, acquiring other companies and attracting many talented workers. Pretty soon FORE Systems was a Pittsburgh start-up success story. Then one day in 1999, a British company that would come to be known as Marconi bought FORE for a pretty penny. And then, six years later, another company named Ericsson bought the parts of Marconi that used to be FORE.   (READ MORE)

“In a nice twist of fate, Mark Juliano, the entrepreneur and FORE employee who convinced Nelsen to come to Pittsburgh over a decade ago, is now a senior vice president at TalkShoe. And naturally, several other FORE alumni have worked with Nelsen at CoManage and TalkShoe.”



Mark Juliano

Mark Juliano was one of the earlier executives to leave local high-tech star FORE Systems Inc. when it went public several years ago. But he wasn’t about to simply put his share of the company’s success in his bank account.

After bouncing around only a little, this high-tech marketing executive teamed up with a few computer software developers and acquired the rights to technology from Carnegie Mellon University that allows you to automatically analyze a video’s full audio and image content. The resulting commercial product allows users to create video libraries that are digitized and catalogued for easy and effective searching. (Read More)



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