New Profile for Mark Juliano (and Review of

I joined ( social network about 3 weeks ago and set up a profile.

I was surprised to get over 16,000 views so quickly, and discover some interesting people. The website has about 80 million users, from the information I’ve seen about the website. UPDATE – over 21,000 views in 4 weeks.

On the RIGHT side of this website, you can see a Widget for – for Mark Juliano obviously 🙂 – which is simple to integrate into WordPress.

UPDATE: September 3, 2015 — Yesterday I used to find Photographers in San Francisco for my friend’s business (Brava Fashions). I found 194 hits, and then reviewed them to narrow down to 10 quality contacts. This proved very effective and allowed me to view the photographers bios, web links, awards, and easily put a face with a name. Using, I could also contact these photographers directly via the email function on Finally, I added them to my PHOTOGRAPHERS Collection on the site for later use. is a very good website for several reasons:

  • It’s free (yes they has a premium version for $4/month, but I don’t see many benefits to going Premium
  • It’s a good “launching point” for people. Some describe it as a detailed “digital business card”
  • Include as long a profile description as you wish
  • List as many LINKS to your (or others) blogs, podcasts, websites, articles, etc. etc. Facebook does not allow you to do this.
  • Include your work history (or link to other profiles)
  • List your interests, etc.
  • Add a Widget to your blogs (such as WordPress — see mine on this website as an example)
  • No Advertising!!!
  • Other subscribers can send you Complements and add you to their personally-defined Collections
  • Google and Yahoo like this website, and you’ll see it high on search ranking results

What is NOT:

  • It’s not Facebook. No way to include lots of photos, updates, and things you like (such as movies, etc.)
  • It’s not a blog — you link to your blogs
  • It’s not a dating website (thank goodness), and the Complements people send you are selected from a list. People can email you, and you can email them, but you don’t see their email address.

Improving the Google Results on LinkedIn

For those of you wondering why your LinkedIn profile or page is not showing up well on Google results — here is a good article about how to optimize your page. While the article uses the word “sneaky” — that’s really not true, as I found similar recommendations and advice on other articles.

The article just gives good, basic advice. And if you’re interested in connecting to Mark Juliano’s LinkIn Page on

CLICK on the Article Title link to read the full article — it’s excellent! I listed the Headlines of the 13 recommendation — the article describes them in good detail

 Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Better Search Results

1. Use Anchor Text in Links
2. Finish Your Profile
3. Keyword-Optimize Your Job Titles
4. Maximize Your Group Membership
5. Aggressively Expand Your Network
6. Optimize Your Job Descriptions
7. Claim Your Vanity URL
8. Don’t Keyword Stuff
9. Promote Your LinkedIn Profile Elsewhere
10. Be Vigilant About Building Recommendations
11. Leave No Field Blank
12. Shamelessly Self-Promote
13. Keep Collecting Endorsements