Call Me Libertarian

Call me Libertarian

This poem was written after “Call Me Liberal” when my friend Brian (a libertarian) emailed me saying, “how about a poem for us libertarians?” — so I had to write him one.

Notice the way the poem visually and poetically breaks every rule I can think of, and uses CAPS, symbols, change in rhythms etc. etc.

Call Me Libertarian

by Mark Juliano – September 2010

Who’s really free anyway?

Certainly not Americans

With cops stoppin’ ya for no reason
And robbers robin’ ya

***Rules, RUles, RULes***
***Laws, LawS, LaWS***

Neighbors telling you what color to paint your house
  How long to grow your grass
    Whether you’re treating your kids right
       What you can and can’t drink (PA)
          Or smoke – thanks g-d for CA
            Or even eat — yum

No government?
   That’s absurd
Who’ll build highways, bridges and roads?
And fight and protect us — me
   Go ask Ron Paul, or my best buddy …

Don’t know about you, but …
   Think Montana and Dakota folks have it true
      Or maybe the Alaskans
NO —

Why not move to New Zealand
  Or the African safari
    And get a pet lion
      Or gorilla
        Named Godzilla
(I love B movies)
     NO —

Iceland’s the ticket
   Nah, they got people and gov’t in it
How about Luxemberg?
  Or Lichtenstein
    Or the Vatican — AHHH
Italy’s better — they just argue with cops
   Drink wine and eat all day
      And stare at women – yay
         Heck I’m one of them, I know
Or even Germany
  They drink Beer
    With cheer (and schnapps)

Libertarian, Libertarian
   Tear down the government
Let’s just move to Colorado
   … pitch a tent
   … eat some beans and hemp

Sure, done that in the mountains at 14.5
Saw a black bear, and grizzly in Denali
Slept next to Libertarians, Liberals, and even Conservatives – nah
Heck, even some friends are Libertarians – really
   – one (1) c o o l one (1)
Who this poem’s for
   And rappin’ about
    Ciao amico mio — dude — rock on — and smoke some weed…
   … Right in your backyard… naked … like me …
Now that’s FREEdom, weeeeee

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