For Diane

For Diane

By Mark Juliano – September 11, 2010

My older sister Diane passed away in 2010. I wrote this poem for her — and to be read at her funeral.

Hello sweet sis of mine
I know you’re up there looking
Watching down upon us all
(In peace without any pain)
With Nick right by your side

So you’re an Angel now
With colored wings to fly free
Can you get a pair for me?
I’ll wear them when no one’s looking

Your time on Earth was brief
Though it’s brief for all of us
Now you’ve got eternity
To live in peace and harmony

There’s one thing you should know
And finally know it now
You were just as brilliant as I
Though hidden from all – except me

Ya see, I was the protected One
The “perfect” Golden Boy
(Princeton, Stanford, yadda, yadda)
While you suffered more than most
And weren’t given the chance to Shine 

151 – 2nd Avenue
Brooklyn and Tucson too
I’ll think of you each time I visit the Ocean
Or look at Lake Chautauqua

I’ll always remember you, naturally
And talk to you each day
You’ll be in my thoughts and dreams
And bring me inspiration and peace

We’ll join you all some day
‘Til then, keep our family safe
And bring us closer still
Please scare off evil demons – boo
(Though I don’t believe in them anyway)

I know what most don’t know
That you are a star now
Sun shining down upon us
With planets revolving ‘round
(Your new family to nurture)

So when I look up at night
To the cosmos and universe
I’ll see a billion stars
And know you’re one of them …
… Amen

One thought on “For Diane

  1. Life is such that it is always turning up autumn leaves, memories and smiles, when one you love leaves, things just turn up and bam you are right back in the spring of things when you were young and willing to love everything at least once. This poem reflects much shadows and those things that remain hidden in one’s heart. Only God knows why some are given much sunlight and promise and grow to change the world for the better. Others are blessed only to shine in the moonlight, when only the fairies and other magical creatures lie in wait. They are private gifts from God, and when they leave, the filaments of their soul pull on yours and the longing to see, or smell, hear, them just turns up. Divine Providence is all around us, and it is here now at this moment. Mark keep writing, and keep your sister close to your heart always. Have a very Blessed New Year and may 2016 bring you closer to all those you love and to all those who love you.


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