(By Mark Juliano – September, 2010)


It’s not easy

Being a

Creative genius

Colors glow

Ideas explode

Words and numbers flow

Like molten lava

Down to the sea


Sure, call us




Make it a disorder

Or two


Ask Kermit

It ain’t easy

Being Green

(Or a talking Frog puppet)


We’re not Freaks

In the Circus!

Go ahead

  Shove us in a cage

     Put us behind bars

       Lock us in a room

So we won’t come too close

And infect you

(Or, just leave us alone)


Stick in needles

  Give us drugs

     Shock us

Will that make YOU feel better

And who’s to say

We’re the freaks?

The Bell Curve –


The UNeducated

  The UNinformed

    The UNcreative

      The ILLogical

Maybe you’re the freaks


Maybe NONE of us are

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