Malibu Sunset

Malibu Sunset

By Mark Juliano – October 2010

The wet smoothed sand on shoreline is deep purple and gray
Reflecting from water and sky
Small, almost non-existent waves trickle in slowly
As they have for eons

Sandpipers scurry in an out of thin surf
Searching for food, as their ancestors have don for millenia
A flock of gulls soars by in a loose knit row down the shoreline
A group of tiny birds whose names I don’t know
Joins the sandpipers speedily running to and fro on their miniature legs

Our sun is setting over the old long wooden pier
A thin line of clouds hovers above the endless horizon
Making the sunset more spectacular
Its golden light reflects on water
Mixing into the purples and grays

I love this time of day
It’s so peaceful
Reflecting on earlier day’s happenings
Planning the evening to come
Wondering what new events await and what people I’ll meet

A blonde girl with a ponytail jogs by
In shorts and a blue sweatshirt
I stop to watch her pass
Thinking of my competitive running memories
Two boys with wooden paddles float by on long surf boards
Each ride in a different wave
But today’s not the best for their craft

An orthodox Jewish man walks up to the glass
Wearing black pants, black coat and black yomica
His wife following
I hear her shuffled feet
She dons a frock and a black cotton hat
I’d seen them earlier at breakfast, and shared some words
They stand and talk gently of birds and waves and sunset

A slender woman with long dark hair sits at the next table
Her two young pretty daughters sit and play games
One looks like her mother

We strike up a conversation and her husband joins
From England, now in Mexico by way of New Zealand and Austrailia
The Jewish man completes the foursome

Well, I gotta go now
Their lives and travels are more interesting
As I stop writing, I think
Each day in life’s a journey
Into unknown waters and lives

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