Malibu Sunset

Malibu Sunset

(By Mark Juliano — October, 2010)


The wet smoothed sand on shoreline is deep purple and gray

Reflecting from water and sky

Small, almost non-existent waves trickle in slowly


Sandpipers scurry in and out of thin surf

Searching for food, as their ancestors have done for millenea

A flock of gulls soars by in a loose knit row 

A group of tiny birds, whose names I do not know

Joins the sandpipers speedily running to and fro on their miniature legs


Our sun is setting over the old long wooden pier

A thin line of clouds hovers above the endless horizon

Making the sunset more spectacular

Its golden light reflects on water

Mixing into the purples and grays


I love this time of day

It’s so peaceful

Reflecting on earlier day’s happenings

Planning the evening to come

Wondering what new events await and what people I’ll meet


A blonde girl with a ponytail jogs by

In shorts and a blue sweatshirt

I stop to watch her pass

Remembering my competitive running days

Two boys with wooden paddles float by on longboards

Each rides in a different wave

But today’s not the best for their craft


An orthodox Jewish man walks up to the vertical glass

Wearing black pants, black coat and black yomica

His wife following

I hear her shuffling feet

She dons a frock and black cotton hat

I’d seen them earlier at breakfast, and shared some words

They stand and talk gently, of birds and waves and sunset


A slender woman with long dark hair sits at the next table

Her two young pretty daughters play games

(reminding me of my twin girls)

One looks like her mother


We strike up a conversation and her husband joins

From England, now in Mexico by way of New Zealand and Aussie land

The Jewish man completes the foursome


Well, I gotta go now

Their lives and travels are more interesting

As I stop writing this poem, I think

Each day is life’s journey

Into unknown waters and lives



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