My Gifts

My Gifts

By Mark Juliano – June 2010

It is worth noting that this is my favorite poem of mine. I wrote it in literally just the time it took to type it (about 15 minutes). It just came out my mind as it is …


My first gift is outside
It is the Sun
Source of all energy and life
Feel its heat and warmth

Please, now come inside
I have many more gifts for you
Sit, relax, let me massage your feet
Feel my hands caress you 

My second gift is water
The most natural thing of all
Flavored with mint leaves
Drink it and be cleansed

My third gift is red wine
Grown of the earth
Carefully crafted by man
Drink it too, and calm your mind

My fourth gift is tobacco
Grown by the Sun
Carefully crafted by man
Smoke it and come alive

My fifth gift is fish oils
Given to us by the sea
Capsulated by man so we can ingest
Swallow it and feel its healing powers

My sixth gift is wine extracts
Made of red grapes and weed
Extracted and packaged by man
Swallow it too and gain long life

My seventh gift is diamonds
Hardened through the millennium
Bought from my labor
Wear it and be beautiful

My eight gift is music – a particular song
Created by moving air waves we breathe
Listen to its sound, cherish it’s melody, hear its lyrics
Float in its rhythms and be free

My ninth gift is me
All of me and my being
Kiss my lips, feel my warmth
Receive me and feel love

My tenth gift is my voice
Connecting to your mind
Talk with me and know me
Converse with me and be enlightened

My last gift is this poem
Devised in my mind
Written with worn hands
Pass it on to others – so they will know too

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