Never Give Up

Never Give Up

(By Mark Juliano – October, 2010)


Never give up on your dreams
For they are more than dreams
They are our destinies

Truly visions from God

He will provide us the means
And give us skills to succeed
The path may seem un-passable
The obstacles insurmountable
Yet He gives you
  The Strength
    The drive
      The knowledge
        The fortitude
          And the love
To succeed
It is always easier to give up
On our dreams
And take the easy path
But that one is the wrong path
And choosing it gives into evil and failure

We will succeed together
And yes, Love is the answer
For without it, we are nothing
And with it, we are everything

Come with me my friends
Into the future, our future
Do not give into the demons
Of mediocrity and complacency

Do not take the easy way out
We will inspire one another to greatness
It is indeed our destiny, we both know it!

Now is our time …
   This is the place …
      We are both ready …
          Let’s get this thing started …

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