Image above by Ron Oden — artist, and my friend. The image above is partnered with my poem in a book we’re working on of Poems and Paintings.


By Mark Juliano – April 2010

The severing quick and clean
A knife blade, sharp and deadly
Dredged along the town square
Foes and friends in line to ridicule

What was harmony and success
Is now a bitter rind
What was all in tune
Now becomes accusation’s song

What follows, indeed expected
Isolation, fear, remorse
How did things turn so far southward?
Down the path without return

Can the clock be turned back?
It seems the right thing to do
No, the timepiece arms have stopped
Other fixed ones to replace

Battered and damaged to marrow
Reflecting of my fate
Indeed ‘twas my undoing
That came from my own doing

Move on, I’m told “It is, what it is”
Easier to say than do
Still, correct is its mantra
“Forward march” be my command
Live to learn, learn to live
Though history repeats
I’ve seen this flick before

Now I sit alone, humbled but not defeated
My next move contemplated
Still – anxious, fearful and worried
Will this story will happen again?


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