Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day 2008

By Mark Juliano – February 2008

My love blooms for you
Like a crocus flower
Reaching for the sun
Through the winter snow
Its journey cannot be abated
Its goal is singular

I open my petals
And hope to entice you
And tempt you
To smell my fragrance
And admire the beauty
Of my love

My love has been underground
For such a long Winter
And the thought of Spring
Seemed but a distant memory
That would never again
Take its place among the seasons

Years came and went
And I stood by and watched
The seasons pass.
Unable to break the darkness
That surrounded my being
That crushed my soul

But my Spring has finally come
Its sunshine warming the earth
My dormant roots and bulb
Stimulated and nourished
My stem thrusting upward
To penetrate the surface

Now I am in full bloom
And more…
I have been transformed
To become evergreen.
Pick my blossoms at will
For they will bloom eternal

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