Improving the Google Results on LinkedIn

For those of you wondering why your LinkedIn profile or page is not showing up well on Google results — here is a good article about how to optimize your page. While the article uses the word “sneaky” — that’s really not true, as I found similar recommendations and advice on other articles.

The article just gives good, basic advice. And if you’re interested in connecting to Mark Juliano’s LinkIn Page on

CLICK on the Article Title link to read the full article — it’s excellent! I listed the Headlines of the 13 recommendation — the article describes them in good detail

 Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Better Search Results

1. Use Anchor Text in Links
2. Finish Your Profile
3. Keyword-Optimize Your Job Titles
4. Maximize Your Group Membership
5. Aggressively Expand Your Network
6. Optimize Your Job Descriptions
7. Claim Your Vanity URL
8. Don’t Keyword Stuff
9. Promote Your LinkedIn Profile Elsewhere
10. Be Vigilant About Building Recommendations
11. Leave No Field Blank
12. Shamelessly Self-Promote
13. Keep Collecting Endorsements Review

I have recently joining — a company which helps you:

(Review written by Mark Juliano — check out Mark Juliano’s Brandyourself page to see an example CLICK HERE)

  1. Improve your rankings on your websites, blogs, podcasts, social media sites, etc.
  2. See where you rank in Google searches
  3. Help with online reputation issues or just improving your online reputation

Brandyourself offers multiple service levels from Free, Premium and a number of advanced levels. Costs range from Free to about $10/month premium, to high service levels up to $500/month). These advanced levels use their consultants and specialists to help optimize websites and build websites.

The overall service is EXCELLENT (practical, easy to use, good customer support) — first it surfs Google to see where your websites already rank. You can then add links and webpages that may or may not include your name, such as a business, blog, podcast, etc.

Brandyourself helps you optimize these sites with recommendations to do things like include your name in pages, posts, etc. Provides DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS on how to do this, and verifies them for you. Over time, the website continues to track your Google results and continue to optimize them.

CUSTOMER SERVICE — I make it a point to call every new web service or online vendor I use to see how they do customer service. I’ve called three (3) times so far. People were very helpful, understood my issues and were extremely pleasant.