One of my favorite places to travel is the Caribbean islands. So far, I’ve been to 16 of them over the years. Here are some of my favorites:

Top 5 (this is difficult to choose)

  • St. Lucia
    • Great beaches and mountains too. Relatively more to do than some other islands. Don’t miss the Jump Up every week for the past 30-plus years. It’s an evening street fair with food, music and dancing, which goes well into the late night hours)
  • Grenada
    • Beautiful country with lovely beaches, culture and food.
  • Virgin Gorda (British Virgin Islands)
    • Small island with terrific sailing — some say one of the best in the world.
  • Anguilla
    • Small island with amazing beaches — it feels like the whole island is a beach. Great place to totally relax — not much to do except swim, sunbathe, and have tropical drinks with great food.
  • St. Kitts
    • Smaller island. Very British — with some very nice resorts in the hills
  • St. Barts (yes, I this is number 6 in the top 5). Small island. It’s very expensive and exclusive, but worth it for a few days stay. Not much to do but relax … )

Others I like:

  • St. Martin (lovely island with a lot to do — it’s become more built up over the past 10 years with a large airport — though that makes it easy to get to)
  • Martinique (a bit touristy — but lovely resorts)
  • Grand Cayman Island (very expensive, but lovely, safe island with beautiful resorts and amazing snorkeling and scuba diving)
  • Dominica (haven’t been for a while, but great memories. not very touristy)
  • Antigua (not very touristy — lovely island with great beaches — can be very dry, but obviously lots of sun like the rest of the Caribbean)

Not on the top of my list — but still nice

  • St. Croix (US Virgin island — very nice people. Beaches are so-so. Main town has more to do than most island towns)
  • Barbados (nice beaches and resorts, but very touristy)
  • Tortola (British Virgin Islands — not much there, though very private — go to Virgin Gorda instead)
  • St. Thomas (my least favorite — just too many HUGE cruise ships, and very touristy)
  • Puerto Rico (not my cup-of-tea. just too large and some parts aren’t very safe)

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