Work & Education

Mark Juliano’s career began in New York City, where he worked at AT&T during summers in college. After Princeton, he lived in NYC working for Data Resources, Inc. (DRI) and Chase Investors for as a software consultant, and financial and econometrics analyst.

After attending Stanford Business School, he began his career in High-Tech in Silicon Valley working for ROLM/IBM and Network Equipment Technologies (NET), both telecommunications companies. ROLM was a high-flyer in voice PBX systems, and NET went public in 1987 (during Mark’s tenure) and was the worldwide leader in T1/T1 data communications networking.

After a year in Washington, D.C. with Telecommunications Techniques Corp. (TTC), Mark moved to Pittsburgh (Sewickley), PA and joined FORE Systems as Vice President of Marketing when FOREĀ had 15 employees and no revenues. Within 2 years, the companies revenues exceeded $20 million and FORE did a highly successful IPO.

Mark left FORE in 1996 to join a new startup — AVIDIA Systems, based in Wallingford, Conn. — as the VP of Marketing and Vice Chairman. The company was sold to PairGain in 1997 for roughly $94 million.

Back in Pittsburgh (Sewickley), Mark was CEO and Founder of MediaSite, which sold to Sonic Foundry.

After leaving MediaSite in 1999, Mark semi-retired, traveled and spent time with his family. At this time, he began teaching at Carnegie Mellon University Heinz School — as an adjunct professor in Entrepreneurship and Business. He also started The Juliano Foundation as a way of giving back to a variety of charities and non-profits.

He re-entered the work force in 2005 as CEO of Haley Systems, a Pittsburgh based Artificial Intelligence software company. After leaving Haley, he was Founder and Senior VP of Marketing at TalkShoe, an Internet Web 2.0 social networking company involved in podcasting and online radio shows. TalkShoe remains an ongoing concern.

He next started Vinomis Laboratories, a medical supplement company based on the wonder-ingredient Resveratrol derived from Red Wine Grapes. Vinomis continues to sell its products online at Vinomis is based in Sewickley, PA.

After Vinomis, Mark moved to Sonoma, CA and taught Creativity and Innovation at San Francisco State University for a few years.

He then moved to Erie, PA for family reasons and once again became semi-retired. In January 2015, he starting working (in an Advisory capacity) with his long-time friend Kathryn Fox Ma as they started Brava! Fashions — a women’s fashion company selling performance attire to musicians, as well as casual wear.

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