Adjunct Professor

In addition to his 30 years of business and entrepreneurship experience, Mark Juliano was an Adjunct Professor at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU in Pittsburgh) and San Francisco State University (SFSU in San Francisco) for over 10 years from the period 1999 – 2013. He has taught a variety of courses including:

High-Tech Marketing (Graduate level at CMU)

Course including a broad variety of topics including market research, product management, advertising, pricing, promotions, Internet marketing, public relations, marketing strategy, marketing planning, and others. The course included several Case Studies written by Mark, as well as used Harvard Case Studies.

Entrepreneurship and Business Planning (Graduate level at CMU)

(Course available online – Click Here)

Course centered around each student or student group starting their OWN company including: business concept, full business plan, and PowerPoint presentation to local industry executives and venture capitalists. Course included case studies, lectures and a variety of reading assignments.

Strategic Planning (Graduate level at CMU)

Course used industry cases studies and self-written case studies from companies including: FORE Systems, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Apple, and others.

Creativity in Business (Undergraduate level at SFSU)

This course allowed students to truly explore creativity and creativity in business. The course included case studies, lectures, weekly “live with” journals, and a final project where students did “things they’d never done before”. Example projects included: learning a new language, writing a cookbook, learning to play guitar, writing a new company business plan, making your own beer, writing a children’s book, and countless others. Reading included: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, and the Tao of Pooh.

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