Prof Juliano Reviews

While this post talks about results for Mark Juliano who taught as an Adjunct Professor at San Francisco State University (SFSU), it also is to refer readers to the website (CLICK HERE). You can get to that website by clicking here and viewing Prof Juliano’s ratings and others at SFSU, or any other university.

Below are some of my favorite reviews — not all good ones, but interesting:

This is my “favorite” by far — note that this student says how easy the course it, but he received a C. Let’s just say, I give C’s to like 2% of the class, based on poor grades on assignments and final project (worth 40% of grade) and poor class participation. The class is all on a CURVE, so a C by definition is the bottom — anyway, I guess these websites also let students complain too, which is fine with me 🙂

This class is easy however…HOWEVER, he is a unfair grader. I did all my work with full credit and received a C in class. Really now?? I tried talking him about it and he wouldn’t go over the grade with me. Since he is new to SFSU he doesn’t really hav a guideline he follow with. UNFAIR GRADER! :

Here’s a good one which was lovely to read for me:

This class was amazing by far one of the few classes that you learn from and can apply knowledge to real life. Prof Juliano is a great professor and makes the material come alive. The class is neither hard or easy, it’s fair. Do your work and participate , and you’ll be fine. Oh and hes not trying scam you buy making u buy a $200 text book.

And here’s a fun one too. Reviewer says if Prof Juliano knows your name, you get a better grade. No silly — how about if you talk in class (and class participation is 20% of the grade) then I know your name better :).

Easy class. Take if you have other hard classes. Few case studies, no tests, and 1 project. The best advice talk in class and get to know him. The more he knows your name the better grade he will give you, seriously

Okay, I’ll end with another position one …

Although his class is easy, you do have to put in some effort. It is a great “break” from all the management classes that are extremely boring. I loved this class because it was different. He is an amazing person and I loved going to class just to get life advice from him. Highly recommend taking his class.

And here’s the more traditional rating system for when I taught as an Adjunct Professor at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh.

Instructor: Juliano, Mark
Semester: Fall 2004
Course: 95-785, Entrepreneurism, Section A
Instructor Evaluation Questions No. Avg. % Low
% High
Was Instructor Enthusiastic? 10 4.80 0.0 100.0
Did Instructor Provide Feedback? 10 4.40 0.0 100.0
Instructor demand critical thinking? 10 4.30 0.0 90.0
Overall Rating of Instructor? 10 4.40 0.0 100.0

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