About TalkShoe

Pittsburgh-based TalkShoe was founded in 2005 (by David Nelsen, Mark Juliano and Brian Schuliger) – as a new way to create live group calls, conversations, discussions and interactive podcasts (called Community Calls). TalkShoe allows people to use voice and text-chat to talk with interesting people with similar interests around the world.

TalkShoe currently has over 1,000,000 users and 10s of millions more listen to recorded Community Calls via iTunes and other podcast directories. People use TalkShoe to discuss a wide variety of topics including business, computers, sports, religion, politics, music, arts, science, travel, and much more.

TalkShoe can be easily integrated with social networks to create, play and promote live and recorded Community Calls. Supported social networks include: iGoogle, Blogger, MySpace, Facebook, TypePad, Friendster, Webwag, Netvibes and Windows Live. The embed code can also be used to place on any website destination that supports flash (i.e. Ning).

How It Works

TalkShoe is an open application and provides an API (applications programming interface) for interested users to develop applications and mash-ups based upon TalkShoe’s technology.TalkShoe has melded multiple technologies to develop its platform including basic telephony, conferencing bridging, voice-over-IP (VoIP), and a variety of Internet servers. The conferencing equipment is telco-grade which enables TalkShoe to produce the highest quality and conferences with the largest number of users on a single call (up to 250!).

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