The Renaissance Group

Mark Juliano first founded Renaissance Consulting (initially called Renaissance Strategy Consulting) in 1997 after departing from FORE Systems. While Mark founded and operated a variety of companies (MediaSite, TalkShoe, Haley Systems, Brava Fashions, as well as teach as an Adjunct Professor at Carnegie Mellon University  (CMU) and San Francisco State University (SFSU), he continued to consult with a wide variety of companies in different industries.

The inspiration and NAME of Renaissance stems from Mark’s interest in a broad variety of entrepreneurial ventures in various companies & Technologies (telecommunications, video, video search, video security, computers, artificial intelligence, social networking, podcasting, fashion, design, etc.), as well as pursuits in the Arts (music, photography, poetry, painting, writing, literature, dance), Sports (skiing, sailing, running, soccer, horses, etc.), Nutrition (natural products, holistic medicine, faming, etc. — see… view Mark’s complete profile on THIS website

For me, ultimately the most important part of the Renaissance Group and my life is helping entrepreneurs be successful, educating others and giving back to the local, national and world community — Mark Juliano – Founder, President and CEO of Renaissance.

This concept of the “Renaissance Man” was made famous during the Renaissance (of course) … and continues to today …

Over the period from the Late 1990 until 2014 — Mark consulted for, and was an Acting C-level executive for a variety of companies including: Ironyun (video surveillance), Avidia (telecommunications), Marconi (high speed networking), Carnegie Mellon (entrepreneurship, technology & business), ReefEdge (wireless networking), Precision Therapeutics (medical technology), and Brava Fashions (women’s clothing & design) — as well as Founding both The Nutra Foundation and The Juliano Family Foundation. (see